Killer’s Game

In the era of Killer Games and Killer Escape Games, this is our newest addition to Roomraider where players need to think like Sherlock Holmes and solve a serial killing case.

You are a detective at Cantonment Police Station (CPS) and your friend, Corporal Lee is leading the Zodiac Killer case. The “Zodiac Killer” has been suspected of 5 murders in your neighbourhood and it is of utmost importance that the killer is caught.

During the actual gameplay of this Zodiac Killer Game, your friend, Corporal Lee, left a voicemail, inviting you over to his house as he has a breakthrough with the case and needs your help. Upon entering his house, the door locks behind you and you see a timer counting down. There is no sign of Corporal Lee. However, you find a note on the floor that says “YOU ARE NEXT” signed by the “Zodiac Killer”.

Using the clues given to you, you must meet your objectives while solving the Zodiac Killer case. Your objectives are to find out who Zodiac killer is, find an exit and escape safely before the time runs out.